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Medicine for Stress

   "Laughter is Good Medicine! "

Many years ago while atttending Chiropractic medical school in Chicago, I heard a story at the hospital I was working about a patient who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His room was located next to another patient who was visited frequently by the family. One day, a visiting family member of the patient next to the cancer patient asked  the nurse what all the noise and commotion was next to his relative's room. The nurse politely explained the patient next door was dying of terminal cancer and had requested a DVD player in his room so he could watch  The Three Stooges and Groucho Marx movies. She explained, this patient would spend a good portion of his day laughing and carrying on watching these comical films....

This went on for several weeks, and the relatives of the other patient became annoyed with all the laughter and hysterics from the cancer patient located next to their family member's hospital room .....

Then one day the laughter stopped and there was no longer any noise from the patient room next door. One of the  family members of the other  patient quietly walked up to the nurse's station and stated: they were all very  sorry the cancer patient next door died and  were all remorseful for resenting his laughter and theatrics the previous several weeks.....

The nurse looked  up from her desk and explained the patient did not die, in fact he was discharged to return home since his cancer had gone into remission, probably assisted by his consistent laughter and positive mood.

When times appear stressful and hope appears lost, don't forget to keep a sense of humor and take advantage of the wonderful power of laughter... of course prayer is always encouraged  as well.

The late Jimmy Valvano, coach of the North Carolina State Wolfpack national championship basketball  team once said: Every day we should "think,"  "laugh," an"cry." He went on to say, if we could do these three things every day, then....... we would have one heck of a day

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