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       Definition of Health and Wellness by Dr Bakalis

1) Regular spinal and nervous system checkups and spinal


2) Regular exercise: 20-30 minutes per day x 4 days per  week

3) Proper nutrition:  practice an anti-inflamatory diet, involving lots

of fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, low processed grain products, low

red meat, low carbohydrates, multiple small meals 5 x per day, not eating

over 8 pm, vitamins to include multivitamin, magnesium, vitamin D, fish oil

omega 3 fatty acids, ginger, glucosamine sulfate, lots of water.

4) Stress management: balance in life involving work, family, friends,

sports and hobbies.  Our most precious commodity is free time.

Every day, one should do three things:




As the great basketball Coach from N.C. State, the late Jimmy "V" Valvano once said, if  we could do these three things everyday, then we've had a heck of a day! 

Life is short, live strong !

Dr George Bakalis

Chiropractic physician


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