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Greek Longevity Lifestyle

Highest number of persons to reach age 90 in the entire world  Wow !

Recently a CNN news team crew traveled to Greece to live on the island of Ikaria near the beautiful  island of Samos ( birth place of Pythagoras ). The purpose of the trip was to live on Ikaria for a full year to determine why the people living on this wonderful Greek island lived to age 90 more than anywhere else in the world. The news team determined there were eight characteristics of the lifestyle there. Here is the list ! 

1) Wild greens ( 150 varieties ) 10 x more antioxidants than red wine

2) Herbal tea      decreases blood pressure, heart attack, dementia

3) Low sense of time urgency attitude  ( wears no watch) being late is socially acceptable ( we have all heard the phrase "Greek time!" ), work gets done when it gets done,    less arthritis is a probable benefit

4) Daily naps     30 minutes x 5 per week      35% less heart attacks

5) Mountain living          daily exercise, enjoyable mini work-outs

6) Strong sense of community  ( spiritual faith) decreases depression ( anti-depressants are the #1 drug prescribed in the U.S. ), decreases weight and mortality.

7) Goats milk       decreases blood pressure, contains tryptophan

8) Ikarian Diet      variation of the Mediterranean diet , veggies, beans, extra virgin olive oil, less sugar & meat, lower grains, high potatoes


50% less cardiovascular disease

20% less cancer

Highest number of persons to reach age 90 in entire world!

Dr Bakalis' comments:

Being of Greek descent ( two of my grandparents were born on the island of Samos), and having visited the island twice myself, I can understand why the CNN crew having experienced the beauty of these Greek islands did not want to leave this Greek paradise !


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